What Happens to My YouTube Videos After I Cancel My Epidemic Sound Subscription?

So, you're wondering what transpires to your YouTube videos after cancelling your Epidemic Sound subscription? It's a quandary that I've encountered myself. During my exploration, I discovered that the license agreement plays a pivotal role in determining the fate of your content.

This article elucidates the implications of subscription cancellation on your videos, ensuring you make an informed decision. A hint: you may need to replace the licensed music in your new uploads.

Let us delve into the details – possessing knowledge is empowering when it comes to managing your content efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  • Videos published during your active Epidemic Sound subscription remain protected and monetisable even after cancellation. However, you cannot use their music for any new uploads.
  • Cancelling your subscription means losing access to Epidemic Sound's music library, so you'll need alternative royalty-free music sources for fresh video content.
  • Publishing new videos with Epidemic Sound's tracks post - cancellation risks copyright claims, demonetisation, or strikes on your YouTube channel.
  • The Epidemic Sound free trial allows testing their music catalogue before subscribing but requires a paid plan to continue using their licensed songs.
  • Exploring cost - effective music licensing alternatives or composing original scores becomes crucial for sustaining your channel's monetisation potential after cancelling the Epidemic Sound subscription.

Understanding Epidemic Sound Subscription

I provide music licensing services through my Epidemic Sound subscription. It grants me access to their extensive library of royalty-free tracks. For a monthly fee, I can download and use these songs in my video projects legally.

The subscription covers commercial usage rights, so I don't have to worry about copyright issues.

This arrangement works well for content creators like myself who regularly need music for their videos. With Epidemic Sound, I get high-quality audio without dealing with complex licensing for each track.

Their user-friendly platform streamlines finding the perfect soundtrack for any project. Overall, an Epidemic Sound subscription simplifies music licensing, allowing me to focus on creating great content.

Moving on to exploring the Epidemic Sound free trial...

Exploring the Epidemic Sound Free Trial

Transitioning from understanding the Epidemic Sound subscription, let's explore their free trial. As content creators, we're always seeking cost-effective solutions, and Epidemic Sound's free trial presents an excellent opportunity.

I took advantage of this trial when starting, allowing me to test their vast music library without commitment.

The free trial period offers full access to Epidemic Sound's extensive royalty-free catalogue. I could download tracks, experiment with different genres, and assess if their music suited my content style.

Exploring this freedom was invaluable in making an informed decision before subscribing. The trial eliminated guesswork, ensuring I invested in a service aligning with my creative needs.

What Happens After Cancelling the Epidemic Sound Subscription?

What happens after you cancel your Epidemic Sound subscription? Well, that's a question many content creators ask themselves – and the answer might surprise you. Keep reading to find out!

Epidemic Sound is a music library service. It lets you access royalty-free tracks for your videos. But what if you decide to cancel? Can you still use the music?

First, let's look at the free trial. This lets you test out the service before paying. During the trial, you can download and use tracks however you want. But once the trial ends, you lose access unless you subscribe.

Now, let's say you do subscribe but later cancel. Here's what happens: you can no longer access Epidemic Sound's music catalog to download new tracks. However, any videos you published while subscribed can stay monetized on YouTube with that licensed music.

The catch? You can't upload new videos with Epidemic Sound's tracks after cancelling. Any new.

Access to Epidemic Sound's Music Catalogue

I can access Epidemic Sound's vast music catalogue while my subscription is active. Their extensive library offers thousands of royalty-free tracks, covering various genres and styles.

However, once I cancel my subscription, I lose the license to use their music in new content.

This means any new videos I publish after cancelling the subscription cannot legally include Epidemic Sound's music. The impact on video monetization depends on when the content was published - videos uploaded during the active subscription period remain covered, but new uploads won't be protected under the license.

Publishing Videos with Licensed Music Post-Cancellation

Transitioning from discussing access to Epidemic Sound's catalogue, let's address what happens when I publish videos with their licensed music after cancelling the subscription. Once my subscription ends, I lose the rights to use their tracks in any new content uploads.

However, videos I published while actively subscribed remain protected under that original license agreement.

If I cancel my Epidemic Sound plan, any fresh videos containing their music will likely face copyright issues. To avoid potential strikes or claims, I should replace their tracks with properly licensed alternatives before uploading new videos.

The Impact on Video Monetisation

The Impact on Video Monetisation is a crucial aspect to consider when cancelling an Epidemic Sound subscription. While videos published during the subscription period maintain their monetisation potential, those created post-cancellation may face limitations or restrictions.

Want to know more? Keep reading!

Monetisation of Videos Published During Subscription

1). Monetising videos published during my Epidemic Sound subscription is a breeze. Any content I uploaded while subscribed remains protected under their license. So those videos continue earning money without issues—no pesky copyright claims or demonetisation worries.

It's one less thing to fret over!

Knowing my existing Epidemic Sound videos are safe for monetisation is a huge relief. It's like having a get-out-of-jail-free card for potential copyright dramas!

2). Once that Epidemic Sound subscription lapses though, any new uploads lacking their music are fair game for copyright claims and demonetisation. Harsh, I know! But that's the cold reality of using their tunes without a valid license.

Monetisation of Videos Published Post-Subscription Cancellation

After canceling my Epidemic Sound subscription, I can no longer monetize new videos featuring their licensed music. However, videos published while my subscription was active remain protected, allowing me to earn revenue from them.

As a content creator, it's crucial to understand the licensing terms and implications of using royalty-free music to avoid potential issues with video monetization.

I've learned that once the subscription lapses, any fresh content I upload without a valid license risks copyright strikes or demonetization. While past works stay covered, the financial impact could be significant if I plan to create new monetized videos regularly.


Music licensing can feel like a maze, but staying informed keeps you on track. Canceling your Epidemic Sound subscription doesn't mean your existing videos vanish - the original licenses remain valid.

However, new uploads will require fresh tunes to avoid copyright claims. Explore free options or consider renewing when your creative spark reignites – the choice is yours.


1. Will my videos be taken down if I cancel my Epidemic Sound subscription?

No, your videos will remain on YouTube even after cancelling your subscription.

2. Can I still monetise my videos with Epidemic Sound tracks after cancelling?

Nope – you'll need to remove or replace any Epidemic Sound tracks to keep monetising those videos, on NEW videos that you upload.

3. What if I resubscribe to Epidemic Sound later?

If you resubscribe, you can now use epidemic sound's music in videos that you upload from that point forward.

4. Do I have to do anything to my videos before cancelling?

It's a good idea to download backup copies of your videos with Epidemic Sound tracks, just in case.

5. Can I use other music after cancelling Epidemic Sound?

Absolutely! You're free to use any royalty-free music or tracks you have proper licences for.