Epidemic Sound for non profit

Searching for the perfect piece of music to complement your non-profit or healthcare video can often feel akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. I understand this all too well, having spent countless hours myself trawling through myriad tracks attempting to find that one sound that resonates just right.

Fortunately, Epidemic Sound steps into the breach with complimentary music licenses crafted specifically for non-profits and healthcare organisations grappling with these very challenges.

This blog aims to guide you on how to utilise this remarkable resource optimally, ensuring your projects not only resonate superbly but also deliver meaningful impact. Intrigued? Do keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Epidemic Sound offers free music licences to non - profits and healthcare organisations. This helps them create impactful videos without spending money.
  • To get the free music license, you need to email Epidemic Sound with information about your project. They make it simple to apply and use their library of 30,000 tracks.
  • Non-profit content creators can use these tunes for various projects like fundraising or educational videos. Having access to professional tracks adds quality and emotion, making messages more powerful.
  • Planning ahead is key to making the most out of the free licences from Epidemic Sound. Creating a playlist for future projects saves time and ensures videos have the right mood set by music.
  • Using Epidemic Sound's music in short films or other non - profit projects makes them feel more professional and touching, enhancing storytelling and message sharing during important times like coronavirus relief efforts.

Free Music Licences for Nonprofits and Healthcare Organisations

Hey, did you know? Nonprofits and health places can get free music from Epidemic Sound. This means they can make their videos sound great without spending money.

From Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound kicked off something amazing for non-profits and healthcare groups. They're giving away free music licences. That's right, zero cost! I found out they've got a huge library, 30,000 tracks strong.

For someone like me making videos to help or raise funds, this is a game-changer.

I reached out via hello@epidemicsound.com and the process was smooth. Their team showed me how to pick tunes that fit my projects perfectly. It felt like hitting a treasure trove without spending a penny.

Seriously, for any content creator in the charity world looking to spice up their works with some quality sounds – Epidemic Sound is your go-to!

Benefits for non-profit content creators

I've noticed something amazing for non-profit content creators. They can now get free music licences from Epidemic Sound. This is a game-changer, folks! With access to 30,000 tracks for three months, charities and healthcare teams can make their videos pop without spending a penny.

I mean, who doesn't want top-quality tunes backing up their important messages? It's about making those heart-touching stories even more impactful.

Having access to professional music can truly elevate your project; it adds that layer of emotion or excitement you're looking for.

Let me tell you, as someone who's dabbled in creating content for a good cause, finding the right soundtrack used to be a struggle. Either it was too costly or just not good enough.

But with Epidemic Sound stepping up? Problem solved. Now, humanitarian efforts and public health initiatives can reach people's hearts easier than before – all while keeping costs down.

And trust me, in the world of non-profits where every penny counts towards the cause, this is huge.

How to Apply and Utilise Epidemic Sound's Free Music Licences

Applying for Epidemic Sound's free music licences is a breeze. Just fill out their simple form, and you're on your way to accessing loads of tracks for your projects. Once you get the green light, dive into their library and pick the perfect tunes to give your non-profit videos that extra spark.

Application process

I found it quite straightforward to get in touch with Epidemic Sound for their free music licenses. All I had to do was send an email over to hello@epidemicsound.com. It felt a bit like sending out a message in a bottle, but they got back to me pretty quickly! They asked for some basic info about my non-profit project and how we plan to use the music.

The whole set up process was easier than I expected.

Once we got the green light, accessing their library of 30,000 tracks was like being a kid in a candy shop—but without the sugar rush and ensuing chaos! With three months of access, my team and I could pick from so many tunes for our videos.

We were tackling important stuff related to the coronavirus pandemic but having this vast library at our fingertips made it that much more exciting to put together impactful content that could grab attention online.

Using Epidemic Sound's music library for non-profit videos

Epidemic Sound's library has 30,000 tracks free for us making non-profit videos. You heard right! They're offering free music licences to help with coronavirus relief efforts or any educational content without making a profit.

All you've got to do is email them at hello@epidemicsound.com and boom - access granted.

Music can turn a good video into a great one.

So, if you're crafting videos aiming to educate or raise funds, this is like finding treasure. No need to worry about budget cuts eating away your quality. With Epidemic Sound stepping in, your projects get the sound they deserve without spending a penny.

Just think of the impact your video could have with the perfect soundtrack backing it up – massive, right?

Tips for making the most out of the free licences

To make the most out of the free licences from Epidemic Sound, I always remind myself to plan ahead. This means thinking about what kind of videos I'll make in the next three months.

Will they be for fundraising or maybe educational content? Once I've got that figured out, I dive into their music library. There's a lot to choose from, so it helps to know my theme first.

Crafting a playlist is my next step. This saves me so much time later on when I'm editing my videos because I already have a go-to list of tracks that fit my projects' vibes. Plus, since these licenses are gratis for non-profits like mine, this prep work feels even more worth it.

Now onto using Epidemic Sound's music for raising awareness through short films and other projects...

Using Epidemic Sound's Music for Short Films and Non-Profit Projects

I found out Epidemic Sound is a treasure chest for folks like me working on short films and projects that help others. They give away free music licences to non-profit groups and health care folks fighting the coronavirus mess.

This means I can pick tunes from their massive library of 30,000 tracks without spending a penny for three whole months. It's perfect for adding that special touch to videos aimed at fundraising, teaching people something important, or sharing news everyone needs to hear.

I just had to shoot them an email at hello@epidemicsound.com, telling them about my project. Their team was super helpful in setting things up so I could start picking songs right away.

Using their music made my short film feel more professional and touching. It’s amazing how the right background tune can make stories more powerful, especially when we’re trying to spread good info or support each other during tough times like these.


So, here's the scoop - Epidemic Sound is a game-changer for nonprofits and healthcare groups. They're giving away free music licenses. That means top-notch tunes for your projects without spending a penny.

Just shoot them an email, and boom, you're in tune heaven. Perfect for making videos that stand out or support a cause close to your heart. Trust me, it’s worth checking out if music is what you need to amplify your message.

Cheers to Epidemic Sound for backing up the big-hearted folks with beats!


1. Can non-profits use Epidemic Sound music?

Yes, they can, just like anyone else looking to jazz up their content.

2. Is there a special deal for non-profits at Epidemic Sound?

Non-profits might get discounts; best bet is to check directly with them.

3. How do we pick the right tunes from Epidemic Sound for our project?

Go by the vibe of your project – upbeat, calm, whatever fits the bill!

4. Do we need to credit Epidemic Sound when using their tracks?

Yeah, giving credit where it's due is always a good move. On a paid plan this is not needed, but you might be required to on a non-profit license.

5. What if we face issues while using music from Epidemic Sound?

Hit them up! Their support team is pretty solid at sorting things out.