Using Epidemic Sound without subscription


1. Can I use music from Epidemic Sound without paying for it?

No, you need a subscription to legally use their tracks.

2. What happens if I use Epidemic Sound's music without a subscription?

You might face copyright claims or legal issues.

3. Is there a free trial available for Epidemic Sound?

Yes, they offer a 7-day free trial.

4. Can I share my Epidemic Sound account with others?

No, sharing your account is not allowed.

5. Will the music stop working in my videos if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you lose the right to use the music in new videos after cancellation.

Key Takeaways

  • You can use Epidemic Sound music safely in your videos by getting a license. This lets you make money from your work without worry about copyright claims.
  • If you stop your subscription, any content you made while subscribed is still safe to use and earn from. But, using their music in new projects without an active account will lead to problems.
  • Direct licensing from Epidemic Sound protects you and makes sure all the legal stuff is sorted, so your videos can play anywhere.
  • For non-profit uses, Epidemic Sound offers a simple way to keep content legal with their royalty-free music library.
  • Even after ending a subscription, it's important not to use their music for new projects as it might break copyright rules.

Using Epidemic Sound Without a Subscription

So, you want to use Epidemic Sound but don't fancy a subscription? Read on to find out why that's not a good idea.

Monetise content safely by licensing music

I've learnt that to make money from my videos without worrying, I need the right music. That's where licensing comes in handy. Epidemic Sound is a gold mine for this because they offer over 40,000 tracks that are safe to use.

This means I can pick any song from their huge collection and not stress about copyright claims stopping me from earning money.

They sort out all the legal stuff with direct licensing. So once I've got a track from them, I'm covered everywhere - YouTube, Facebook, you name it. And here's the kicker: even if I stop my subscription, anything I've already used stays safe to monetise.

It's like they're giving me an everlasting ticket to keep making money off my content. Pretty neat, huh?

Protect your right to monetise content

So, you've got your music licensed and think you're all set. But there's more to it. Protecting your right to monetise content is key. Here's the deal from my own journey with Epidemic Sound.

Their subscription has a cool feature where they safelist your channel. This means you can make money from your videos without worrying about copyright claims ruining the party.

But even with royalty-free music, things can get tricky. I learned that getting direct licensing through Epidemic Sound gives an extra shield against these issues. You see, this isn't just about playing it safe; it's about making sure every video earns its keep without hiccups down the line.

I've been in situations where a track I used perfectly led to demonetisation threats on my content - not fun at all. Having an active license and knowing how to safelist content saved me loads of stress.

And for anyone wondering, yes, they do review copyright claims before they hit you with them, which is pretty reassuring if you ask me.

Just imagine putting all that effort into creating something amazing only for a copyright claim to throw a wrench in things! That’s why sticking close by Epidemic Sound felt like having a buddy watching my back in this wild online world.

How a direct music licence works

Epidemic Sound has this cool thing where they give you a direct music licence. This means when I use their tunes, I don't have to worry about all the usual licensing mess. It's like having a magic key that lets my videos play anywhere without copyright monsters jumping out.

They sort out the rights so my content is safe to share and even make money from. And trust me, as someone who’s been in the game since 2016, finding such a straightforward deal feels like hitting jackpot.

With Epidemic Sound, it's peace of mind at its finest.

This setup makes life way easier for us creatives. Plus, if you ever decide to stop your subscription, any content you made while subscribed is still covered. Pretty neat, right? Now let's look into what happens if you want to keep using their music after waving goodbye to your subscription.

Can you use Epidemic Sound music after your subscription ends?

I found out you can keep using Epidemic Sound music after your subscription ends, but there's a catch. You see, any content I made and uploaded while my subscription was active is safe. This means all the videos or projects I finished and published with their tracks are okay to monetise later on.

However, if I try to use their music in new projects after my account isn't active anymore, that's where problems kick in. It could lead to demonetisation because my right to use their tunes for new stuff has ended.

Also, they have this system where they check if someone using their music actually had a licence at some point. So, even if one tries being sneaky and uses it without permission, Epidemic Sound will find out sooner or later.

They ensure only those who play by the rules get to benefit from their royalty-free music library.


Well, looks like using Epidemic Sound without a subscription can be tricky. We've seen you can still get your hands on their music for non-profit reasons or even if you stop paying but published before the cutoff.

I learned it's all about having the right license to keep things smooth and legal. Keeping your content safe and sound (pun intended) is key, no matter what track you choose!