Epidemic Sound referral link

Are you on the hunt for a way to elevate your content with first-rate music and sound effects whilst keeping an eye on the purse strings? You're certainly not alone in that endeavour.

In my own quest, I stumbled upon the gem that is Epidemic Sound's referral link programme – it’s an absolute treasure trove for fellow content creators. This blog will walk you through harnessing this splendid tool to nab yourself some delightful discounts and rewards.

Ps. The referral link should look like this: https://share.epidemicsound.com/xug3g9

Fancy giving your audio game a boost? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • You can get discounts and rewards by sharing your Epidemic Sound referral link with friends.
  • If you become an Ambassador, you earn more benefits, like splitting the revenue 50/50 for each new paying subscriber.
  • Sharing your link on social media and in content is easy and helps both you and your friends access great music.
  • There's a Community Challenge where you can win big by using your referral link creatively to bring in new people.

The Epidemic Sound Referral Link lets you invite your friends to Epidemic Sound. If they use it, you get treats like discounts and rewards.

Earn discounts and rewards

I found out you can save money and get cool stuff by telling your mates about Epidemic Sound. If I bring a friend on board, we both score some perks. Plus, if I keep at it and become an Ambassador, the rewards get even better.

They split what the new subscriber pays right down the middle with me. That's like getting paid for sharing something awesome.

Sharing my unique link feels easy-peasy. I pop it into my social posts or blog and watch my rewards grow as more friends sign up. This way, not only do I help others find great music for their projects but also earn myself subscription discounts and cash bonuses along the way—talk about a win-win!

Sharing with friends and followers

So, you've got this cool thing going with Epidemic Sound, right? They've given me a unique referral link to share. And let me tell you - sharing it with friends and followers has been quite the ride.

I just pop that link on my socials or drop it in a chat when someone's looking for top-notch tunes for their content. It's like handing out keys to a treasure chest of music.

The best part? Every time someone signs up through my link, there's something in it for both of us. They get access to amazing music, and I earn rewards. Win-win! Cecilia Blomdahl really hit the nail on the head when she talked about keeping things real while sharing your link.

Authenticity is key – your audience follows you for a reason.

And she's spot on! Staying true to yourself while recommending Epidemic Sound not only feels good but also encourages more genuine sign-ups. Trust me; people can tell when you’re jazzed about something for real.

Got your Epidemic Sound referral link? Share it! Just copy your unique link and send it to friends or pop it on your social media. Easy way to earn cool stuff while sharing great music with others.

I got my unique referral link from Epidemic Sound and decided to share it everywhere. I posted it on all my social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I even slipped it into the descriptions of my YouTube videos and mentioned it in podcasts.

This link is a magic key for content creators like me, offering discounts and rewards not just for myself but also for anyone who uses it to sign up.

The best part? Each time someone signs up using my link, I earn benefits too. It’s a win-win situation. Sharing this link wasn’t hard at all; I simply included it in my usual posts and playlists where folks would easily find it.

Plus, talking about how much I enjoy Epidemic Sound's tracks added a personal touch that seemed to encourage more clicks and engagement!

Win big through the Community Challenge

In the Community Challenge, you can really show what you're made of and win amazing rewards. It's all about getting creative and using your referral link to bring in new folks to Epidemic Sound.

The more successful referrals you make, the bigger prizes you unlock. Think discounts on subscriptions, cool cash bonuses, and even a chance to earn big if your referrals keep coming back for more.

It feels good not just earning some extra money but also helping friends find awesome music for their projects.

Talking from experience, jumping into this challenge pumped up my content game. Sharing my unique link wasn't just about winning; it was also about being part of a community that values creativity and supports one another.

The rush of seeing each new referral come in is unbeatable – it's like scoring points in the best game ever.

Stepping up from there, becoming an Ambassador opens even more doors.

Become an Ambassador and earn more benefits.

I found a neat trick for us content creators. By joining Epidemic Sound as an Ambassador, we can share the love and get some cool perks too. Here's how it rolls: We all start by sharing our unique referral links, right? But if we hustle and refer twelve people, boom—we level up to Ambassadors.

Think about this; you're not just any promoter; you become a key ally with Epidemic Sound.

The best part? Once you hit Ambassador status, you split the revenue 50/50 for each new paying subscriber that signs on because of your link. I've done it myself and let me tell ya, seeing those rewards roll in feels pretty darn good.

It's like being both a creator and a supporter at the same time—an advocate for great music while lining your pockets too. So grab that link, share it wide, and watch as those benefits start stacking up!


Alright, let's wrap this up. The Epidemic Sound referral link is a game changer for creators like us. Sharing it means we all get to enjoy discounts and even earn some money. Plus, who doesn't love getting rewarded for helping mates find awesome music? I've been doing it and trust me, it feels good.

Why keep the secret to amazing tunes all to yourself? Share that link!