Epidemic Sound's Website Makeover: Fresh, Fun, and User-Friendly

epidemicsound.com new website design
epidemicsound.com new website design

Epidemic Sound, the go-to place for royalty-free music, has launched a new look for its website, and it's something to get excited about! Let's talk about what's new and why it's better.

From Basic to Bold

The old site did its job, but it didn't have a lot of colors or pictures. It was like a quiet library where you could find what you needed, but you might not want to stay long. The new site is like your favorite café, bright and welcoming, with lots of cool stuff to look at.

Epidemic Sound new design and Soundmatch, it's AI

Easier to Find Music

Before, finding the right track could feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Now, the music categories stand out with big, colorful pictures and clear words. It's like they've put up big signs in the café telling you where to find the best coffee, pastries, or a cozy corner.

Epidemic Sound new design

Bright and Clear Pricing

Choosing a plan used to be a bit like guessing which coffee has your favorite flavor without tasting it. Now, the plans are laid out clearly with prices and details you can understand at a glance. No more guessing!

Epidemic Sound new design for pricing page
Epidemic Sound new design for pricing page

Trusted by Big Names

The old site was humble, not really showing off its friends. The new site isn't shy. It shows logos from big companies that trust Epidemic Sound. It's like having famous people say they hang out at your café. It makes you trust it more.

Big brands trust epidemic sound - new design

Ready for a Tour?

Epidemic Sound's new website isn't just nice to look at. It makes finding the perfect music easy and fun. Imagine walking into a café where they know your order before you even say it. That's how the new site feels. So go ahead, step into Epidemic Sound's new home, and find your soundtrack!

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