The Ultimate List of [+89] Royalty Free Music Providers [2022]

The Ultimate List of [+89] Royalty Free Music Providers [2022]
Photo by KAL VISUALS / Unsplash

Looking for copyright free or royalty-free music for your project? Look no further! This is the biggest and most comprehensive list of music providers on the internet. We have everything from subscription-based services to pay-per-track to completely free options. So whatever type of music you need, we have you covered!

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Updated: 2022-09-13

Name Regular Link Type
Pixabay Completely Free
Free Music Archive Completely Free
Mixkit Completely Free
Soundcloud - Royalty Free Audio Loops Completely Free
Fiftysounds Completely Free
inaudio Completely Free
Fesliyanstudios Completely Free
Chosic Completely Free
Zapsplat Completely Free
Joystock Completely Free
Youtube Audio Library Completely Free
dig ccmixter Completely Free
Thematic Completely Free
Moby Gratis Completely Free
Musopen Completely Free
Unminus Completely Free
Filmmusic Completely Free
Sampld Completely Free
Josh Woodward "Completely Free,Pay Once - Lifetime Access"
Free Stock Music "Completely Free,Pay-Per-Track"
Purple Planet "Completely Free,Pay-Per-Track"
Proud Music Library "Completely Free,Pay-Per-Track"
Tunetank "Completely Free,Pay-Per-Track,Subscription"
Freeplaymusic "Completely Free,Pay-Per-Track,Subscription"
MotionArray "Completely Free,Subscription"
Videvo "Completely Free,Subscription"
Silverman Sound "Completely Free,Subscription,Pay-Per-Track"
Danosongs Discontinued
MusicSesame Pay Once - Lifetime Access
Music For Makers Pay Once - Lifetime Access
Neosounds Pay-Per-Track
Bandcamp Pay-Per-Track
Music Bay Pay-Per-Track
akn music Pay-Per-Track
Media Music Now Pay-Per-Track
Musicscreen Pay-Per-Track
Tribe of Noise Pay-Per-Track
Royalty Free Music Clips Pay-Per-Track
Foximusic Pay-Per-Track
The Music Case Pay-Per-Track
Amazing Music Tracks Pay-Per-Track
Shockwave Sound Pay-Per-Track
marmoset Pay-Per-Track
Royaltyfree-music Pay-Per-Track
Melody Loops Pay-Per-Track
Songbeatz Pay-Per-Track
Trackfactory Pay-Per-Track
Ashamaluev music "Pay-Per-Track,Completely Free"
Incompetech "Pay-Per-Track,Pay Once - Lifetime Access"
Shutterstock Music "Pay-Per-Track,Subscription"
icons8 "Pay-Per-Track,Subscription"
Beatpick "Pay-Per-Track,Subscription"
wow sound "Pay-Per-Track,Subscription"
Stockmusic "Pay-Per-Track,Subscription"
Mubert "Pay-Per-Track,Subscription"
Premiumbeat Subscription
Epidemic Sound Subscription
Uppbeat Subscription
Clipstock Subscription
Music In Brands Subscription
Cora Music Subscription
Jamendo Subscription
Audio Micro Subscription
Snapmuse Subscription
Soundscrate Subscription
Storyblocks Subscription
Filmstro Subscription
wave video Subscription
Smartsound Cloud Subscription
Lens Distortions Subscription
Morninglightmusic Subscription
Lickd Subscription
Fyrfly Subscription
Tunereel Subscription
Loopcloud Subscription
ecrett music Subscription
Soundraw Subscription
Splice Subscription
AudioHero Subscription
Taketones "Subscription,Completely Free"
Adobe Stock "Subscription,Completely Free"
Audiio "Subscription,Pay Once - Lifetime Access"
Bensound "Subscription,Pay-Per-Track"
Audio Network "Subscription,Pay-Per-Track"
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