July 2024 | Save $136 with Artlist.io discount code

Up-to-date artlist discount codes
Save $136 with Artlist.io discount code

Last updated: 1st of July 2024. - Still Working!

Looking for a way to get discounts on your Artlist membership? You're in luck! We've got an up to date artlist discount code that will save you money on their subscription plans. Artlist is a great resource for finding royalty-free music for your videos, and their library is constantly expanding. Be sure to use our code to get the best deal possible!

What is the best artlist discount code right now?

The best discount right now is:

Sign up for a year, get 2 months free!

This artlist promo code equals total savings of $136 on the creator pro package. This is how it looks on the checkout:

How much do I save if I redeem this Artlist discount code?

Plan Name Features Monthly Price Original Price (12 months) Effective Monthly Price (with discount) Discounted Price (14 months for the price of 12) Savings (2 months worth)
Max Social Unlimited assets & apps for social media use $29.99 $359.88 $25.70 $359.88 $59.98
Max Pro Unlimited assets & apps for every type of use $39.99 $479.88 $34.28 $479.88 $79.98
Max Teams Unlimited assets & apps for your whole team $67.98 (for 2 members) $815.76 $58.27 (for 2 members) $815.76 $135.96
Music & SFX Social For social media and content creators $9.99 $119.88 $8.56 $119.88 $19.98
Music & SFX Pro For every type of video creator $16.58 $198.96 $14.21 $198.96 $33.16
Footage Basic HD footage $19.99 $239.88 $17.13 $239.88 $39.98
Footage & Templates 4K-8K footage & video templates $29.99 $359.88 $25.70 $359.88 $59.98
Footage & Templates Pro 4K-8K RAW/LOG footage & video templates $49.92 $599.04 $42.79 $599.04 $99.84

Verification that the artlist discount code works as of 2024-07-10
Verification that the artlist discount code works as of 2024-07-01

Is this artlist discount code up to date?

Yes, this artlist discount code was tried most recently on: 2024-07-01


Artlist is a platform that offers streamlined, high-quality licensing for filmmakers and video creators. Members with active subscriptions have full and unlimited access to the site’s entire musical catalog and/or SFX catalog.

Quick facts:
✅ Free Trial Available
✅ Forever License
✅ Unlimited Usage
✅ New Music Everyday
🔥 From 9.99$/month (best value for money)
🏆 Best deal: Sign up for a year, get two months free (need to use cchound link below)!

Checked for:
✅ Youtube | ✅ TikTok | ✅ Twitch | ✅ Facebook | ✅ Twitter
✅ Vimeo | ✅ Commercials | ✅ Broadcasts | ✅ Websites
✅ Weddings | ✅ Games | ✅ Applications | ✅ Podcasts
✅ Presentations | ✅ Film Festivals & Cinemas
✅ Worldwide coverage | ✅ Any Future Platform

License: Artlist’s Unlimited License allows you to use material from the catalog in any video production on any platform worldwide. This license covers personal projects and even commercials. In short, everything a filmmaker needs.

Claim deal with 2 months free!

How do I redeem the Artlist discount using the provided code?

1. Click on the provided link to navigate to Artlist's website.
2. Browse through the available subscription plans and select the one that suits your needs.
3. Proceed to the checkout page.
4. The discount should be automatically applied.
5. Complete the registration or log in if you already have an account.
6. Finish the checkout process to avail the discount and enjoy your Artlist subscription.

What do you get on artlist?

- Over 3000 tracks from more than 400 artists
- New music added every week
- Royalty free music for your YouTube videos, films & more!

How do I use the artlist discount code?

To use the artlist discount code, simply: Click on this link: Enter the code at checkout to receive your discount. It's that easy!

What happens when I use the artlist promo code?

You get a hefty discount on your artlist subscription, the artlist team gets a new happy customer for their music licensing service, and we (cchound) get a small commission for providing our artlist promo code service.

Can this artlist promo membership be used in commercial projects?

Yes, all of the music available on artlist can be used in commercial projects.

How often do you update your artlist discount code?

We try to update our artlist discount codes as often as possible, but they are subject to change at any time without notice. If you find a code that is no longer working, please contact us and let us know so we can remove it from our site. Thanks!

Do you have an artlist review?

Yes! You can check out our full artlist review here: Artlist Royalty Free Music Subscription Service Review. In short, we think it's a great service for finding royalty-free music for your projects. However, it is not without its flaws - namely, the user interface could be more user-friendly, and the selection of tracks is not as robust as some other music libraries. But overall, we think it's a great resource for anyone looking for high-quality, royalty-free music.

Does Artlist provide quality music?

Yes, Artlist provides high-quality, royalty-free music tracks for use in your projects. In our opinion, the quality of the tracks is on par with other similar services.

How much does Artlist cost?

Social Creator (one channel): 9.99$ (billed annually) / 14.99$ (billed monthly)

Creator Pro (unlimited channels): 16.60$ (billed annually)

Team (For 2 members): 28.20$ (billed annually)

Where did you find this artlist coupon code?

We got it directly from artlist, through our partnership with them. Therefore this coupon code is 100% legit and working.

Does the coupon codes work on the yearly plan?

Yes, this coupon code is for the yearly plan, and you get 2 free months if you use it.

How competitive is artlist pricing to the competitors?

Very, it's one of the best priced services right now.

If I use this artlist coupon code, do I still get the free trial?

Artlists free trial allows you to download watermarked songs, so it's not a fully fledged free trial.

Is there a 30 day money back guarantee if I use this artlist promo code?

Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not happy with the service.

How long does this artlist discount code last for?

It's valid for as long as Artlist wants it to be! We'll update this page if it changes.

If you're interested in trying out Artlist, be sure to use our discount code to get the best deal possible! We hope this artlist review has been helpful - thanks for reading!

Can I try Artlist for free before committing?

Artlist doesn't offer a traditional free trial. However, they have a free plan where you can listen to and download watermarked tracks. This allows you to test the tracks in your projects before deciding on a subscription.

How do I ensure the discount code is applied?

It's straightforward. Click on our provided link, choose your subscription, and proceed to checkout. You should see the discount applied automatically.

What if the discount code isn't working?

No worries! Reach out to our support, and we'll verify the code's validity for you.

Are there any restrictions on the usage of music from Artlist?
With an Artlist subscription, you get a universal license that allows you to use the music for personal and commercial projects, including monetized content.

Are there any restrictions on the usage of music from Artlist?

With an Artlist subscription, you get a universal license that allows you to use the music for personal and commercial projects, including monetized content.

How does Artlist ensure the quality of its tracks?

Artlist has a rigorous selection process where tracks are reviewed for quality, uniqueness, and relevance before being added to the library.

Yes, Artlist's universal license covers usage on platforms like YouTube, ensuring you won't face any copyright claims.

Is there a community or support forum for Artlist users?

Artlist has a dedicated support team and an active community where users can share experiences, seek advice, and discuss best practices.

Does artlist work in the USA?


Does artlist work in Europe?


Does artlist work in the Asia?


Can I subscribe to new discount codes that you get access to?

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