Youtube has decided to shut down Pontus Rasmusson's main account with immediate effect, according to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

The reason is that the youtuber is considered to have violated Youtube's rules.

On Instagram, the controversial profile defends itself against criticism and says among other things that "everyone makes mistakes".

Pontus Rasmusson, 24, is one of Sweden's biggest Youtubers and influencers. On his channels, he makes content for children. But in Svenska Dagbladet's review of the profile, it is clear that, among other things, he may have committed fraud.

On Saturday, Youtube announced that Rasmusson's Youtube channel will now be shut down with immediate effect as he is considered to break Youtube's rules.

"After review, we have shut down Pontus Rasmusson's channel for violating our child safety policy, which prohibits content that sexualizes minors," writes Andrea Lewis Åkerman, communications responsible for Google in Sweden in an email to SvD."

According to reddit, the banning of Pontus Rasmusson is long overdue.

Most times Pontus Rasmusson appears mentioned on social media like reddit or Instagram, it's in a bad light. His videos usually involves a sexual (and/or predatory when you consider his young demographic target group) element, and the general public is never far away to comment and draw light to this, even on his own channels and videos.

The youtuber, who often lies about his age (downwards, so that the age gap to his demographic becomes smaller) often asks his followers to contact him in private channels, such as instagram DM's.