Review of Hooksounds platform for royalty-free music


Highly curated collection of exclusive royalty free music to download, produced by our talented in-house artists based on research, insights and trends. Since we produce our royalty free music, we ensure 100% legal protection. You won't have to deal with third parties, pro payments or hidden fees.

Quick facts:
βœ… Unlimited Usage
βœ… New Music Everyday
βœ… One channel per platform
πŸ”₯ From 14.99$/month (best value for money)
πŸ† Our discount: 15% on all subscriptions (use code: cchound15)

Checked for:
βœ… Youtube | βœ… TikTok | βœ… Twitch | βœ… Facebook | βœ… Twitter
βœ… Vimeo | βœ… Commercials | βœ… Broadcasts | βœ… Websites
βœ… Weddings | βœ… Games | βœ… Applications | βœ… Podcasts
βœ… Presentations | βœ… Film Festivals & Cinemas
βœ… Worldwide coverage | βœ… Any Future Platform

✌License: Copyright compliance is one of the most important core values at HookSounds. We offer 100% risk-free licenses that protect users from any copyright infringement risks. We strive to ensure that all users access quality royalty-free-music that will not be subject to stressful copyright strikes.

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Hooksounds: A Go-To Source for Exclusive, Royalty-Free Music

In the dynamic world of content creation, the quest for the perfect soundtrack can be a complex endeavor. But imagine a place where you can access an exclusive, highly curated collection of royalty-free music, created by talented in-house artists with a keen eye for trends and insights. Welcome to Hooksounds, the digital platform that’s changing the game in the world of royalty-free music.

The Hooksounds Advantage

Hooksounds is not just another music library; it's a platform offering value for money with subscriptions starting from $14.99 per month. Every track on Hooksounds is a product of detailed research, innovative thinking, and an unwavering commitment to quality. This ensures that you get nothing short of the best in royalty-free music.

Seamless Access and Unlimited Usage

One of the key benefits of Hooksounds is its unlimited usage offering. Once subscribed, you can access and use any track in the Hooksounds library as many times as you need, whenever you need it. This feature provides a hassle-free experience for creators, ensuring that the perfect soundtrack for your project is always within reach.

Fresh Music Everyday

Stagnation has no room at Hooksounds. The platform is committed to diversity and freshness, with new music added every day. This keeps the library vibrant and up-to-date, allowing you to tap into the latest trends and styles in the world of music.

An Array of Platforms

Hooksounds extends its usability beyond just one platform. Whether you're a YouTuber, TikTok enthusiast, Twitch streamer, or Facebook user, Hooksounds has you covered. Its music can also be used for Twitter posts, Vimeo videos, and even in commercials and broadcasts. But the application doesn't stop there. Hooksounds also provides music for websites, weddings, games, apps, podcasts, presentations, film festivals, and cinemas. With worldwide coverage, Hooksounds ensures that their music can be used on any current or future platform.

Legal Protection and Peace of Mind

At Hooksounds, copyright compliance is not an afterthought but a core value. The platform offers 100% risk-free licenses that protect users from any copyright infringement risks. This means that when you use music from Hooksounds, you won't have to worry about copyright strikes or stressful legal complications. You can focus on what you do best – creating exceptional content.

The Hooksounds Discount: A Deal You Can’t Ignore

Hooksounds aims to provide an accessible experience for its users. To make it even more affordable, Hooksounds offers a 15% discount on all subscriptions. By using the discount code "cchound15", you can enjoy all the benefits of Hooksounds at a reduced rate, underscoring the platform’s commitment to value for money.

Editors note: Artlist.io currently has a 17% discount code available, which is comparable.


Hooksounds stands out in the crowded marketplace of royalty-free music, with its commitment to quality, versatility, and value. By offering an exclusive, carefully curated music collection, Hooksounds empowers creators to enhance their content with the perfect soundtrack. It’s not just about providing music; it’s about facilitating creativity, fostering inspiration, and breaking down barriers in the world of content creation. Choose Hooksounds and experience the difference of truly bespoke, royalty-free music.